Repair Your Credit as You Drive

Whether you are looking for a credit repair auto loan or just a great used car loan in B.C. Auto Source Finance has the experience and the knowledge of auto loan financing in B.C. to help you.

Repairing bad credit or establishing credit can be a difficult task when most lenders are not willing to give you a second chance or let you prove yourself credit worthy. Auto Source Finance offers solid information and advice on the different options to build and repair credit score.

Even with bankruptcy, we can help you get on the road to having excellent credit and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of low interest rates and the buying power to succeed in life.

We cab be your guide to bad credit repair, you will find out which lenders will approve you for credit cards, car loans for a new or used vehicle, mortgage loans, unsecured personal loans, and even a checking account. Your credit rating plays an important role when trying to obtain a car loan or a mortgage.

Credit scores range from the lowest at 300 to the best of 800

When searching for a car with bad credit, it is easier to obtain car financing for a new car than a used one. Also, if you decide to buy a car now under the TD Financial non-prime financing terms, wait about 12 months after you have financed your vehicle, and then refinance the non-prime car loan at more favourable interest term.

This helps your credit favourably as your credit report shows a auto loan paid as agreed and will then show a new loan granted by a major Canadian Bank. For individuals with a terrible credit rating, there are car lots or dealerships that offer buy here pay here programs for used cars. We highly recommend to only using them as a last resort.

These buy here pay here dealerships tend to charge an excessive amount of interest and/or like to mark the price of the car up to nearly double. This is how they are able to approve anybody for a car with no credit check.

If you do use them, make sure you check the black-book value of the vehicle before you sign any agreements or apply a down payment The other disadvantage to buy here pay here auto loan establishments is most of them do not report to the credit bureau so all your payments do nothing to help repair your bad credit. Credit Net Financial can help you get your credit repaired as you driveā€¦..